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Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.

June’17: Started my professional life as Developer and Data Analyst.

June’17-Dec’17: Done Research on Language Understanding. And solved Facebook babi 20 QA Task with 100% Accuracy. We were the first in the world who solved with 0% error. My Role was to make Language Understanding System along with QA Solver.

Jan’18-Feb’18: Participated in Kaggle Mercari Price Suggestion Challenge and got rank in top 7% (2300+Participants).

Jan’18-June’18: Made Session-Based Conversational ChatBot. It first try to understand question/query and then a graph based solver which try to give answer using understood intermediate query.

Aug’18: Won Kaggle Weekly Kernel Award for making a notebook on Unbox the black box (Model Interpretability).

July’18-May’19: Worked on NLU Products. Conceptualized the Logic, Architecture & Design for the NLU based Q&A System. Led the product development team for Natural Language based Q&A system

June’19-Present: Working on Making NLP Products based on Question/Answer, Phrase Extraction, Summarization, and Classification. Productionizing Models using AWS ECS, AWS Sagemaker, AWS Lambda, AWS Step Function. • Making D3.js based NLP Product visualization.

Feb’20: Solved SQuAD 2.0 NLP Benchmarking problem and got 6th Rank worldwide.